We work passionately, so challenge us. We continue to develop daily and use our flexibility to always try out new things.

For most companies, the matter of costs and benefits is at the forefront in times of limited budgets. Accurate analysis and the development of specific goals are the decisive pillars here.  

With our development team, we create prototypes that are geared to your requirements.  

Every new order is accompanied through the entire production process by a responsible person (RAFT). 

In the end, you receive an impeccable product that meets the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.  

Holistic solutions for your ideas also mean the development of target group-specific and traceable logistics routes, the intelligent coordination of all of the measures required for this purpose as well as the efficient use at the right time.  

In order to operate in a future-oriented manner, the contemporary knowledge of excellently trained employees is just as indispensable as the ability of companies to implement innovations in an anticipatory manner. We also advise you on the topics of counterfeiting security and logistics so that you find the safest route for your sensitive products.

We help you with

  • Launch
  • SMI/VMI-supplier-controlled warehouse management
  • Creating technical drawings / specifications
  • Electronic document transmission
  • Numbers group management
  • Product and packaging development
  • Customer-specific system adjustments
  • Product identification