Adhesive and wet glue or sequential labels

In black-white or multi-coloured, on a roll or as a bow, with Braille, laminated, varnished, embossed or stamped. We meet the highest standards while specialising in the production of printed products for the pharmaceutical industry. 

In digital label printing, we enable you flexibility and customisation. Your labels can be refined and personalised entirely according to your personal requirements.

100% control for 100% safety!

At Bähren Druck, no label leaves the company without undergoing a camera inspection first. This helps us to view even the smallest detail and detect and sort out errors early on.

Due to its decades of experience and production of labels, Bähren Druck has several thousand stamping tools in all forms that may fit your product already. Please seek consultation in the planning phase of your labels to find out what possibilities exist.

Types of Labels

  • Adhesive and wet glue labels
  • Vignettes, sequential labels
  • Identification labels, sealing labels, functional labels 
  • No-Label-Look, sandwich labels 
  • Individual labels, special shapes
  • Tamper Evidence / anti-counterfeit

Digital print

Modern digital printing has for a long time no longer had to hide behind offset printing. Quite the contrary, it offers many advantages for special applications. 

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