Full flexibility and customization for your labels


Adhesive and wet glue or sequential labels

In black-white or multi-coloured, on a roll or as a bow, with Braille, laminated, varnished, embossed or stamped. We meet the highest standards while specialising in the production of printed products for the pharmaceutical industry.

In digital label printing, we enable you flexibility and customisation. Your labels can be refined and personalised entirely according to your personal requirements.

At Bähren Druck, no label leaves the company without undergoing a camera inspection first. This helps us to view even the smallest detail and detect and sort out errors early on.
Due to its decades of experience and production of labels, Bähren Druck has several thousand stamping tools in all forms that may fit your product already. Please seek consultation in the planning phase of your labels to find out what possibilities exist.

Adhesive labels

Most of our label production is in the field of roll adhesion labels or also self-adhesive labels, which are used in the industrial filling of various products.

They are ideal for labelling and showing the brand not just in the pharmaceutical industry. In the food and cosmetics industry, they are indispensable on account of the versatile and high quality printing substrate, finishing possibilities and printing processes. With this variability, we expansively cover the broadest application areas and help you to make the right choice.

Haftetiketten lassen sich sicher, schnell und unkompliziert auf den verschiedensten Oberflächen spenden und sind ein Muss an Verpackungslinien. Daher werden sie auch am Häufigsten als Rollenware zur maschinellen Verarbeitung bestellt, können aber auch als Einzeletiketten oder Blattware zur manuellen Kennzeichnung geliefert werden.
The shapes, colours, finishes and materials are almost unlimited due to the different production paths at our company.

Wet glue labels

Nassleimetiketten werden im Gegensatz zu den Haftetiketten erst vor dem Aufkleben maschinell, meist direkt beim Abfüller oder Kunden, beleimt. Die Haftung auf den zumeist glatten Oberflächen ist dabei ähnlich der Selbstklebeetiketten.

Since these types of labels can be offered more cost-effectively, despite their high quality requirements, they are very popular, especially for high print runs. The lack of an adhesive application before the dispensing allows for a long storage time. After using the product, the labels can easily be removed again and the containers, bottles or cans can then be reused.